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OCT-NOV 2016

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ost doctors ask, "Where does it hurt?" Dr. Michael Cassaro wants to know why it hurts. Cassaro is a Pain Relief Specialist. ese are the doctors who make the pain disappear. But first, Cassaro determines the reason the pain is there to begin with. As such, Cassaro is a physician, pharmacologist, nutritionist, dietician, behavioral counselor, physical therapist, occupational therapist, even psychologist, all wrapped up in a man who came out of medical school and residency as an anesthesiologist. "I really liked anesthesiology when I was going through my rotations at the University of Louisville School of Medicine," he says, "and so I did my residency in anesthesiology at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans." He was an anesthesiologist, he says, but also "a people person," and therein was the rub. "I prefer working with people who are conversant, who appreciated what I was doing," he says. "In anesthesiology, all my patients were asleep." As a pain relief specialist, he doesn't have to worry about his patients' appreciation. ere are few things more immediately rewarding for afflicted people than having their pain go away. A Medical Engineer Cassaro's affinity for medicine started long before med school. He earned an undergraduate degree in civil engineering at Louisville's J.B. Speed School of Engineering, which he says is not so far removed a discipline from medicine as it might seem. In fact, he says, "I consider myself an engineer even today. e human body is an engineering marvel and, as with any piece of machinery that has a lot of moving parts, things can go wrong. It's the engineer who's uniquely trained to figure out, first, what the problem is. I've taken that approach to treating my patients." Pain relief is an especially important part of today's medicine. More people are suffering from degenerating joints and other painful complications, exactly at a time when the government is cracking down on almost all prescription pain medications. It helps control a worsening opioid epidemic, but it leaves legitimately suffering people with limited options. Cassaro, who operates the Painless Living treatment center in Jeffersonville, uses a great many tools in what he calls "my bag of tricks," but he does not write prescriptions for pain medicine. "When I tell people I don't prescribe pain medicine, I end up seeing the people who want to get well instead of the people who kind of like being sick. en we're all on the same page." He Knows Pain Why a pain relief specialist? Why not go to another specialist – the orthopedist or neurologist or rheumatologist – who's familiar with your condition? Painless Living Jeffersonville pain specialist Dr. Michael Cassaro knows the questions to ask before he makes the hurt go away is is an advertorial. M

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