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severe sagging.' I knew that, of course – that's why I was there – but the way he said it only further attacked my self-esteem." Iris Donahue, who was seeking to get rid of flabby skin after a tremendous weight loss, had a similar reaction. "From the moment I walked in, the staff was amazing," she says. "Dr. Salzman examined me and talked to me, leisurely and patiently, without rushing me. "He talked about me, the person, individualizing my needs, focusing on what was important to me, not about what it would cost or when he could fit my surgery into his busy schedule." Choosing a Surgeon "I would never let anyone in my family consider anyone other than Dr. Salzman," Van Inwegen insists. Reed Jordan Van Inwegen "I'd lost sense of who I was" Reed Jordan Van Inwegen was 46, mother of three, a veteran of six years of breastfeeding. She had what she says were "severely sagging breasts." But hers was not purely a quest for vanity. e one-time model was troubled by self-consciousness and a growing lack of confidence. "I'd lost a sense of who I was," she says. "I felt like my husband's wife or my children's mother. I hadn't felt like Reed in a long time." She also felt like a spotlight was following her. "Whenever I went out, if someone turned and looked at me, I wondered if they were looking at me because something was wrong." In addition, complications from a biopsy had caused one of her breasts to partially collapse, leaving a kind of "divot" that made it difficult for her to find bras that fit. Her lack of "feeling feminine" was exacerbated by what she did on a daily basis. "Every day, I spray many different body types," she says of her salon, Glow Organic Spray Tan (2911 Brownsboro Road), "and women do this 'self-shaming' thing. Most of them apologize to Before After Before After at kind of word-of-mouth is the life's blood of a cosmetic surgery practice. ere are rarely referrals from primary care physicians, and without health insurance participation, he's not on any PPO lists. What has changed in the 25 years he's been in practice is the gossipy grapevine of Internet chatter. "In the last 10 years, the Internet has become the best word- of-mouth," Salzman says. "It's how patients research, find and choose cosmetic surgeons." That certainly contributed to Donahue's choice. "I did some research online," she says, "and I was immediately uncomfortable with reviews I'd seen for some surgeons. I understand how online reviews work, you mostly hear from dissatisfied customers. But when I didn't see anything positive for some doctors, that was worrisome." Van Inwegen had an entirely different – and unique – way of choosing Salzman. "In my spray tan business, I see lots of different unclothed bodies in front of me," she says. "I can see good breastwork and bad breastwork. And I learned which ones were Dr. Salzman's patients. at was the doctor I wanted working on me." me for their cellulite, saggy breasts and stretch marks because of breast-feeding – real self- sabotaging behavior." She says she reassures them that "I think you're amazing, you've created these lives. I was saying to them exactly what I knew I should be saying to myself," she says, "but I wasn't reflecting my own words. I felt like a hypocrite. I needed to change something." But she was also realistic and grounded. "I'm a mother of a 21-year-old girl, I didn't want to walk out looking fake, like a 46-year-old woman trying to look like someone in her 20s. I just wanted a better version of me." She was taken by Salzman's reassuring behavior. "I asked him if he could cure the deformity in my one breast," she says. "He said he'd do his best. Confident, but not over-promising." Also, she says, honest. "I said I wanted to have a breast lift and implants. He said he disagreed about the implants. at sold me on him. It was costing him money, but he was doing what was best for me." Iris Donahue "My weight-loss had made me miserable" In 10 months during 2013, Iris Donahue lost 95 pounds. Always overweight ("I weighed 220 pounds when I graduated from high school"), the 41-year- old corporate trainer should have felt wonderful. But she didn't. e weight loss had left her with folds of extra skin on her abdomen and 22 EXTOL • OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2016

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