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OCT-NOV 2016

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HAPPILY SPONSORED BY Dr. Marc Salzman discovered early on in his career that one of the rewards of being a physician is saving lives, either through diagnosis or treatment or surgery. And he acknowledges that, in choosing to pursue a career in cosmetic surgery, he has mostly given up the life-saving part of the physician's reward. "I always say, 'I do the kinds of surgeries my patients want, but no one needs,' " says Salzman, who maintains a cosmetic surgery practice in Eastern Jefferson County in Kentucky, which will be easily accessible once the East End Bridge opens later this year. "A general surgeon does exactly the opposite: Nobody wants that colon section removed, but they need to. Nobody wants that open heart surgery, but they need it." But that doesn't mean he sees cosmetic surgery as frivolous and vanity-driven. Just the opposite, he says. "In cosmetic surgery, we fix people's mindsets about physical ailments that are crippling them mentally, even though there's often nothing physically wrong. What we do is, in the best cases, transformative. We change people's lives." L AssuredPartners N exercise & health BY STEVE KAUFMAN | PHOTOS BY ANTONIO PANTOJA Beauty is as Salzman Does Marc Salzman is a Louisville cosmetic surgeon whose life "transformations" go beyond pretty and vain. How do his patients feel about that? "Dr. Salzman changed my life completely," says Reed Jordan Van Inwegen, who owns an organic spray tan salon on Brownsboro Road in Crescent Hill. "I take my steps with confidence because of him. He gave me Reed again." "It's hard to express what a difference Dr. Salzman has made in my life," says Iris Donahue, an employee trainer for a national restaurant chain in New Haven, Ky. "My life is 1,000 times better. I don't worry anymore that my appearance is the first thing people are going to judge me on." Restore vs. Maintain Salzman sees his practice as divided between "restorative" and "maintenance." "Maintenance," he says, "is the 40-something-year-old woman who has always been proud of her body. But after three kids, she looks down and sees a different body, and asks, 'How did I deserve this? "If she was always pretty, and 'pretty' was her calling card, then she feels that age has cost her that perceived edge. So we do a face lift, or a breast lift, or a tummy tuck, and make her look the way she looked before. "It's pleasant. But it's not transforming." Restorative, he says, is the teenage girl just forming breasts who is disturbed because one breast has developed more than the other. 20 EXTOL • OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2016

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